The club is open to any local boaters wishing to participate in occasional social events such as opening day celebrations and cruises, 4th of July raft-ups, boat parades, picnics, informal sailing regattas (all classes of boats), sailing instruction, wakeboarding together, kayaking & rowing, rescue of stranded boats (call us if you are stuck), social events, and much, much more.

Founded in 2004, we have built the organization purely as a social club. LSYC has no permanent clubhouse, a growing number of reciprocities, no outstations, and none of the costs associated with most yacht clubs.

We have a nice selection of quality LSYC logo clothing and accessories in our Ship’s Store.  Let us know if there are any other items you’d like to see.

The Club was founded by Edward A. Bondy and William D. Jensen to promote the most enjoyable and organized boating experience on Lake Sammamish ever.

LSYC is now run by Jim Mackey, Commodore and a host of local boaters volunteering their time

Please join us for a great boating experience!

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    • Paula, thanks for your interest. LSYC organizes and publicizes all sorts of activities to get folks out on Lake Sammamish. Most recently we’ve organized Lighted Christmas Boats Parades, raft ups on Labor Day, 4th of July, & Cinco de Mayo Goose Getaway Sailing Regattas (Saturdays in the summer for any sailboat class), kayaking into the Sammamish River, Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Sunken Forest, and family BBQs at members’ homes. We also publicize and join as a group events sponsored by others on the lake like the Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park, the Grand Opening Party for Sammamish Landing Park, NW Paddling Festival, Tastin’ n Racin’, Waterfront Homes Tour, Lake Samm Triathlon, 4th of July Fireworks, Wakeboarding Championships. And occasionally a boating oriented event off the lake like Seattle Yacht Club’s Opening Day or Seattle Boat Show. We are active in representing boater and lake homeowner interests publicly including: Sammamish River navigability and flood control (Willowmoor project), Dock Access at Sammamish Landing, Boater Access at Lake Samm State Park, Waterfront Property Rights (with WSSA).
      We don’t do a lot of meetings that aren’t part of a fun event, instead we organize online via our YahooGroups email list, an LSYC Facebook page, and NextDoor LakeSamm (a neighborhood website), and this newly refreshed website. I invite you to join these to learn what we are up to.
      There are no dues, it is free to anyone who wants to participate, but we are becoming open to donations to help fund expansion of our activities. We also sell burgees, yacht club clothing, (polo shirts, jackets, etc), and all manner of LSYC logo items on Zazzle. Please join us and have some fun on the lake!
      – Jim Mackey
      LSYC Commodore

  1. Hello my name is Marlene Zawin-Green and my husband, Ken Green currently reside in Long Island, NY. We are members of the Northport Yacht Club.
    We are here frequently to see kids and grandkids, in fact we have purchased a home in Redmond. We currently do not own a boat. We are likely going to retire here.
    We would love to meet and speak with you re the club and boating on Lake Sammamish.
    Our telephone number is 1-516-236-8252.

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