9th Annual Lake Sammamish Holiday Lighted Boats Parade Dec 5th 2020 – 3:30 PM Launch

Friends, Boaters, and Boating Organizations!

This year the Holiday Lighted Boats Parade is targeting Saturday Dec 5th 4:00 – 9:30 PM.  (If the forecast doesn’t hold we will reschedule).  With all we’ve been through this year, we REALLY need to spread some cheer around the lake.  This is a wonderfully socially distanced event.  I’m hoping to double the great turnout we had last year.  What else would you be doing on a Saturday Night in December this year?  This year’s Halloween Dock Trick or Treat got more than double the turnout of prior years, and the Great Pumpkin float was extremely popular.  EVERYONE is at home in the houses around the lake so it’s going to bring a lot more joy, waves, and flashing lights.

The event is SO much better in years where we have a longer parade of boats. Last year was great (see photos attached), but we can do better. I’m reaching out to anyone who has (or knows someone who has) a boat in the water, an outboard motor, or can launch and join in for all or some portion of our trip around the lake. In past years I’ve even towed a decorated catamaran sailboat behind my boat just to get another lit up boat out there. Last year rowers from Sammamish Rowing (and their safety/coach boat) joined us mid-lake West side for part of our cruise – be sure your vessel is well lit up and you are safe with life jackets, and thermal protection. We love businesses to join in and we’ve had Seattle Mastercraft, Lakeside Fueling, Sambica, Bakes, NW Inboard, Seattle Boat and others participate in past years. There are often bonfire parties around the lake to watch us at the south end of Mint Grove Cove, Vasa Park, and Idlewood and near the finish on the east side.  But due to Covid there WON’T be a “Light-Up The Night” event at the State Park this year.

We will do the whole lake in one night, cruising clockwise around the lake.  Let’s plan to launch at 3:30 PM so we are decorated, lit up, and on the water at the State Park Launch Ramps by 4:30 PM.  Sunset is 4:18.  We will cruise over to South cove by 5:10, get to Vasa around 6 PM, Weowna Point by about 6:20, Idlewood about 7:00, then up to the north end apartments.  We will cross over to the East side by 7:30, Mint Grove by 8:15 PM, and back to the State Park Launch Ramps by 9:30 PM – all times very approximate.  Without the State park event we will have time to circle for places that do a bonfire on shore or have a great turnout.

It really is a lot of fun to see our neighbors all around the lake run to the windows, porches, and docks as they hear us coming and wave and flash their lights. It’s also great to see all the decorated homes that face the lake, docks lit up with decorations, and home interiors lit up with Christmas Trees. While it is chilly, put on down coats, bring blankets, a warm beverage and think of it as a once a year sleigh ride round the lake. It’s your opportunity to wish holiday greetings to all your lakeside neighbors one house at a time. Even if you can’t cover the whole lake join in for what you can!

So let me know who is in for this event this year!  Lets make it bigger and better than ever.  

Attached are some photos from last year for inspiration.  Let me know if you want help or advice on decorating.  LEDs and an inverter let you get a lot of light pretty easily.The City of Issaquah made a Video of us off the State Park here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHbAgRbvsX0&feature=youtu.be

1 thought on “9th Annual Lake Sammamish Holiday Lighted Boats Parade Dec 5th 2020 – 3:30 PM Launch

  1. Thanks for your efforts. We are on the south end and your regatta was the best thing that’s happened in a LONG time.🎅🌲⛵️🚤

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