LSYC Victory for Boat Cleats at Sammamish Landing North Dock!

Finally after a 5 year long email thread, multiple meetings with Sammamish Parks folks, and even a City Council appearance, we have cleats at the Sammamish Landing North Dock that can be used by boaters! Hurrah!

You can now dock your boat and go for a jog on the East Lake trail, or have a picnic at the park, or use the nice new restrooms if you are out on the north end of the lake, or have someone park at the lot and meet you on the dock. Finally Sammamish Landing Park is a “Landing” for boats.

Some history of this issue: Sammamish Landing park opened in 2013, but the brilliant designers who put the posts outside of the dock surface, (instead of embedding them within the dock edge as is common practice) didn’t recognize that there’s no way to tie up a boat with a 2 foot concrete piling between the boat and the dock. They put in nice big boat cleats, it was just that there’s no way to use them because a boat won’t safely fit between these pilings and the cleats were on the side with the pilings. So even if you can catch the dock on the side without the piling (there’s nothing to hold on to on the dock edge) and step off, you had to tie your dock lines to the opposite side of the dock, creating a trip hazard, requiring longer lines, not securing the boat as well, and generally looking stupid. This is obvious to any boater who spends 10 seconds looking at the dock.

Jackie Schmidt (also of LSYC) and I sent emails to the parks folks soon after the docks opened, expecting this fix might take a week to get a guy with a wrench to move the cleats from one side to the other. It did not. We presented it to the Sammamish City Council, which approved the change. But then there was a city lawsuit over the poor dock design / manufacture (in addition to the idiotic piling placement, the docks also broke apart in our winter storms). Finally that ended and we though we were back on track. But the person we were working with left, and we had to start over with emails. Then they couldn’t make the change in the fall because of “considerable logistics to attaching the cleats due to challenging access of the dock infrastructure which is required to install the mounts.” But I visited this weekend and was surprised and pleased as punch to see the cleats are finally on the proper side where they can be used.

Now it would have been better if the pilings were on the south side as our summer winds are generally from the north, and it would have been better if the swim ladder was on the end or the other side, and if one more cleat were added near the offshore side of the swim ladder would have made it possible to dock a 2nd boat on the other side of the swim ladder (behind my boat in the photo), but at least we finally have 4 cleats on the correct side of the dock in 2018!

Note the South dock (the “L” shaped one) had it’s cleats removed as the non-piling side is in the swim area (Even though swimable temperature is only 4 months of the year). Boats are not supposed to dock there.

Thank you Jackie for staying with me on this one. Now that it’s here, feel free to enjoy it.

I guess persistence does pay off.

Article on the dock repair lawsuit:

Link to the Park Website:


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