ON for Xmas Eve – North end Xmas Lights parade

Sun is finally out, and forecast seems positive for this evening, so Santa’s Sled will make the run tonight to get it in before Christmas.  We will start at dark ~ 4:30 middle of the lake and run clockwise.   I expect Rudolph and I are the only ones crazy enough to do this on Christmas Eve, but if anyone wants to join me call my mobile (425) 449-0070 – as I’m heading out to get the sleigh ready now.  Note we have NOT made arrangements for the launch ramp to stay open late, so if you want to join me, and you are not on the lake, we can park your boat at my dock for the night.


With a 90% chance of rain tonight and 50% chance Sunday, I doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do the North End Parade this weekend.  Forecast is pretty wet till Xmas Eve.  I’m still looking for a break in the weather when we can get this in over the holidays and photograph the best north end Xmas decorations.  Also still recruiting for other boats to join in.  Call me if anyone is interested in joining (425) 449-0070


SORRY – While the weather is perfect, only my boat (w/Big Santa) was confirmed for Sat 12/13 (or Sunday).  I will try to get more boats for next weekend – date to be confirmed – we will try for Saturday 12/20

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