2018 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Float

The 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Float around Lake Sammamish was a big success. It’s a Halloween celebration with 500-1000 of our neighbors just one home at a time. We play Halloween music at full volume and flash spotlights into their homes so they see us coming. About 1/4 of the houses have someone home and see/hear us. They run to the porch or windows waving and flashing their house lights or flashlights (cause we can’t hear anything and it’s hard to see in the dark). It’s great to see the excitement in the kids, especially as Trick or Treating can be difficult in parts of this extended “neighborhood”.
This year was great with Colin Dana, Kristina Owen, and Marisa Rose on board to make it a party, and share the driving, photography, and spotlight work over our 4 hour circumnavigation of the lake. Despite a very discouraging forecast the steady rain held off till after midnight when the boat was put away.
Great thanks and support on Nextdoor LakeSamm from so many folks.

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