North End Parade Changed to Start Mid-Lake

We are changing the starting point and direction of the North End Parade on Saturday 12/13:  We plan start gathering the boats together at the mid-point / middle of the lake – get everyone lit, musically synched and organized at 4:30 PM.  (Instead of starting at the north end)  We will proceed west to Weowna Point (near 1400 SE) up the West side of the lake heading north.  Let’s get a big holiday crowd out on the docks at the north end apartments around 6-6:30 PM, Idlewood Park, and Sammamish Landing, perhaps with caroling and bonfires along the shore.  We will do a couple loops if we get a crowd to come out. Then we continue to parade clockwise around the lake down the east side to Mint Grove (half-way down the lake near 1400 SE) to end maybe 8PM if all goes on schedule.  Many of the boats will then proceed down the east side of the lake (at faster speed, further offshore) to the State Park Boat Ramp which will stay open till the boats are off the lake.  This change will reduce the distance traveled for the boats coming from the launch ramp before and after the parade by about 4 miles each way and the Sammamish Rowers won’t join us this year.

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