Help Needed to Support Docks at Lake Sammamish State Park Funding in this year’s Budget

Help! Please take 2 minutes to call the WA Legislative hotline 1-800-562-6000 M-F 8AM-8PM to express your support for the State Park Docks. The House version of the State budget blocks funding for State Parks docks. The Governor included it in his budget recommendation, as did the Senate budget, but unless the House-Senate budget compromise negotiated in the next few weeks includes funding from the state, we will LOSE the $1M of matching funding from the Boating Facilities Grant which we won’t get back for at least 2 years if ever. Docks & Sunset Beach Site PlanThis is an illustration of the new docks proposed for the Lake Sammamish State Park, as well as improvement to the (smaller) beach, enhanced wetlands on the east and west ends of the current beach, new lawn, improved play areas & sand box. This will be a park you will want to visit – and can come by boat!   More info on the project here

Having a dock at the state park, with the new concession (going in as part of the new bathhouse which should be open in May… ) will give us a destination on the lake and boat access to all the events at the State Park. Please, Please take 2 minutes to make the call to give boaters access to OUR state Park. You don’t even need to know your district or legislator just dial the hotline number tell them your address and they will connect you to your legislator’s office to register your views.
This issue so directly impacts all of us on the lake, it’s in the community interest to make this call to “improve our neighborhood”. It’s your state park and boating gas tax money, if not spent here, it will be spend elsewhere far from our homes, where we won’t get to enjoy it.
If you want to go beyond just a call and email your legislator (as I have) – contact addresses are here and you can find your district / legislator here I know you are busy but please at least take 2 minutes to dial 1-800-562-6000, tell them your address, and leave the message with the receptionist “I support funding the Lake Sammamish State Park Docks” Timing is critical, please make the call now.

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