Postpone to Sat 12/19 Holiday Lighted Boats Parade (4th Annual)

Sorry AGAIN. With the forecast calling for a 75% chance of heavy rain for most of Saturday, and high winds gusting to 20 mph kicking up waves Saturday night, and the lake level so high that most of the docks are underwater and thus invisible, we just can’t do the lighted boat parade tomorrow night. Sunday was better, but not much, and the lake levels are still high. So we are pushing the parade to next Saturday 12/19. I know we will lose a few more boats, but we really had no option. The State Park Beach Bonfire event is CANCELED, too much involved in trying to pull that off for a 3rd target date, and the high water has covered the beach.

Current forecast for next week is the best we’ve seen with only a 20 % chance of very light rain, winds of only 2 mph and we might even see some moonlight. Let’s hope the 3rd time is the charm. That should give more folks time to get the home decorations up, as it’s been so wet each weekend, many of us are behind, and it’s certainly hard to decorate an under water dock.

Let me know who is still in! I’m hoping we still have 4-6 boats, I’d love to get a few more to join us.

Sorry to say we have to postpone the Holiday Lighted Boats Parade to Next Saturday 12/12 (same time 2-3 PM launch, targeting 10 PM completion), due to the forecast – > 90% chance of heavy rain (National Weather Service, Weather Underground, and AccuWeather) on original date 12/5


Join our Holiday Lighted Boats Parade – let’s get more boats out there this year! Please keep your boat in the water or put it in for this event. It’s great to see the holiday lights & home displays from the water as a parade and we always get a great response from those on shore – flashing house lights and coming out to wave, and bonfires on the beach. Put on your warm coat, a lap blanket, bring a warm beverage, and we’ll haSeveral Boatsve a Lake Sammamish “sleigh ride”. It’s our own mini-version of the Christmas Ships. A little inverter works wonders with the today’s LED holiday lights, or an inflatable decoration to put on your boat. We are also looking for someone with photography skills/equipment (very low light, rocking boat) to join us on the boat, to photograph the best decorated houses on the lake and post the “award winners” on line.

This year we’ll start at early and do the whole lake in one night (launch boats at 2-3 PM to get decorations ready and leave the docks at 4 PM sharp). We should be done a little after 10 PM.  We are targeting Saturday Dec 5th if it doesn’t rain. (If rain is forecast we will push to Sunday the 6th or the next weekend.)

At the State Park Beach there will be bonfires, hot chocolate, decorations and luminary walkways (candle bags) and for the first time the Issaquah Singers chorus will lead the carolers on the beach. Last year we got coverage in the Issaquah Press and over a hundred people came out. We also had groups come out to watch on the beach mid lake east side and at the apartment docks on the north end. This year let’s get more boats and continue to grow this new tradition! Please email me at or just call me at 425-449-0070 to let me know if you have a boat the could potentially be put in the water to join the parade.

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