Great Pumpkin Floats Around the Lake (3rd Annual)

  • Sat, Oct 31, 7:00 PM
  • Start mid west side (Weowna Point) then cruise clockwise round the lake
  • Listen for scary Halloween music, then come to the window to see the Great Pumpkin float by on the lake. Flash your house lights to say Hi to The Great Pumpkin. We’ll try to photograph the best Halloween decorations, and post the winners in various categories, so decorate your house and docks!
    I’d love to have others join this event, perhaps a ghost boat, or a black light & strobe haunted boat, use your imagination. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining us – on my boat or in their own haunted vessel.
    The Great Pumpkin got most of the way around the lake, but the rain and wind as we came south on the east side made it hard to see so we had to stay further off the docks, and with the rain and wind noise fewer folks could hear to come to the windows – flashing their house lights, flashlights, or waving. So around the south/mid-lake buoy, we crossed to just north of Vasa, and headed home along the west shore. No photos this year as we (understandably) saw very few lake facing decorations out in these conditions. If anyone got photos or video of the Great Pumpkin, please post or email me (even if they are far or blurry).

    Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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