4th of July – TWO Live Band Raft-ups on the Lake!

One of the best events of summer, hosted by the community that founded LSYC is on again this year! Thank you to Jen and Scott Baisch! Our website background photo is a panorama from their 2013 concert.

Passing on their Invite to LSYC:
Join the 4th of July Raft up in Abernathy Cove from 4-8 PM. Jen and Scott Baisch will have a band playing from the top of their dock, you’re all invited to anchor off and raft-up. This is a water only event, no going ashore. Let’s hope this amazing weather holds!! Remember to bring bumpers, anchors, dock lines to raft up and BE SAFE!
Abernathy cove is a bit south of the point (bend) on the east side of the lake. You should see the boats and hear the music once you are in the area.

I see there is also another 4th of July Live Band boat in concert on the other side of the lake just south of the Sunken Forest from 5 – 9 PM passing on that info:

Hi neighbors, I’m Danna and I live on SE 42nd St. 4th of July is just around the corner and Craig and I want to let you know that we are having a DJ and live Band beginning at 5:00 pm on the 4th of July. Bring a beverage and a bite and pull your boats up to a buoy and tie up for a Flotilla! Music will go till about 9:00 or so. Just in time to motor on down to see the fireworks from the barge. “Free Rain” will be our band, and “KNZR” the Hot new DJ will show his many musical talents. This is a free concert, unless of course you want to tip the talent.☺️ Keep in mind that there is apparently a limit of 5 boats hooked together. If you have an anchor, that is also an option. In short, pass the word and we will see you on the 4th!

I’ll plan to start in Abernathy cove, our traditional 4th of July party harbor, then as that begins to wind down check out the new event as that goes later (till 9 PM and is closer to the fireworks). Have to figure out when we get dinner in there. Wow 2 bands same time, then fireworks, it’s like a free music festival.

I encouraged Dustin to drop by with the new Lakeside Fueling fuel barge. You can learn about the service, top off your tanks, and rock-out all at the same time.

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