Lakeside Fueling Is LIVE – Sign up to get your gas DELIVERED

Now we can play on the lake without hauling Gas!WP_20150626_001  Lakeside fueling will begin deliveries next week.  To receive gas you need to click the link in the message from Dustin below to do the full sign-up below (have your boat registration number and credit card not just the Beta sign up).  The price is currently $4.65/gallon but remember you get the fuel tax refund of 37.5 cents, plus 10 or 20 cents off if you buy more than 50 or 100 gallons.  So net it’s less than a buck more than you’d pay if you hauled your cans to the gas station.  And you no longer have to worry “do I have enough gas”?

I’d like to do a parade around the lake with the fuel barge for publicity.  We need to help Dustin get to a critical mass of deliveries so he can make the economics work and continue to offer this service for all of us.  Date TBD – a nice weekend afternoon.  Who would want to join me?  To draw people’s attention I’d love to get a long line of boats with good music, some party barges, the usual margaritas etc.
– Jim Mackey

Dustin Talley <> wrote:

We are are happy to announce that we are opening up the official customer sign ups for Lakeside Fueling! Follow the Link Below to sign up:
We are planning to start fueling on Monday, June 22nd and everyone that signs up will be scheduled for the week 6/22- 6/26. Your home page should show your estimated deliver date on Sunday, June 21st. We are not charging a minimum service fee as we get started, so don’t worry if your boat is full, we’d love to come by and top you off! We’ll let you know when this fee will be going into effect.
Our price will be posted on your account home page as well as the website, and it will be updated every morning. A couple notes about pricing: Our pricing model is based off other Marinas pricing in the area. Yarrow Bay is $4.71/gal today and Seattle Boat is $4.52/ gal. We will always try to stay comparable to the marina pricing. Also remember that we will be offering discounts based on your fuel consumption in a 4 week period starting from your first fueling. This discount will be credited to you account at the end of the period.
Signups are open to all of you who “pre-signed” until Friday, June 19th; at that time it will be open to the general public. So be sure to sign up soon and pass on the information to your friends and family so they can enjoy the service this summer as well!

Dustin Talley
Phone: (425) 829-0305 

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