Christmas Boats Parades 2014 12/6 (South End) and 12/13 (North End)

Light up your boats to celebrate the holiday season! Last year we had over 150 folks come out to watch with the Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park, and hundreds more on shore. This year the Park will have candle lit walkways, bigger bonfires, hot chocolate, more caroling, to grow the celebration. And we want to grow the fleet to match. Please call me (425) 449-0070 if you can bring a boat to join us this yearDSCN2403DSCN21651469884_651079641609715_2049675106_n2013boatparade11488744_651109461606733_248757774_n1484384_10202812785105428_1609844595_n   

South End Parade Saturday 12/6:  We will start at the State Park Launch Ramp getting everyone launched, lit, musically synched and organized at 4 PM.  We will stop at the State Park at 5:00-5:30, perhaps with some floating candles to guide us in. Then parade clockwise around the lake up the west side to Weowna Point (half-way up the lake near 1400 SE) cross the lake to the east side and back down to finish at the State Park maybe 8-9PM if all goes on schedule.

For the North End Parade Saturday 12/13:  We We plan start gathering the boats together at the mid-point / middle of the lake – get everyone lit, musically synched and organized at 4:30 PM.  We will proceed west to Weowna Point (near 1400 SE) up the West side of the lake heading north.  Let’s get a big holiday crowd out on the docks at the north end apartments around 6-6:30 PM, Idlewood Park, and Sammamish Landing. And perhaps caroling and bonfires along the shore. Then we continue to parade clockwise around the lake down the east side to Mint Grove (half-way down the lake near 1400 SE) cross the lake to the east side at and back up north to finish near Sammamish Landing maybe 8PM if all goes on schedule.

Those on shore can flash your house lights to wave as it is difficult to hear or see you from offshore with the holiday music. We will judge and post winners of best decorated houses in various categories (TBD) – hopefully with photographs (I need a photographer).

The state park launch ramps will stay open late on these nights so that everyone who launches can get their boats off the water.

If rain is forecast for Saturday, we will push back to the following Sunday Dec 7 (South End) or Dec 14 (North End), and if both weekend days are rained out we will move to Saturday Dec 20 or 21.



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