LSYCLogo3_006Let’s have fun on Lake Sammamish!  We welcome sailors, power boaters, water skiers, fishermen, rowers, kayakers, jetskiers, sea planes, and non-boaters to join us. Getting together for on-lake and off lake events recreational, social, and amateur competition is what we are all about!  For emails of LSYC events, join our Yahoo! Group.  Click here to join.

End of Summer Toga Party Raft Up on Lake Sammamish Sat. Sept 19, 5 PM

Here’s a new way to meet LSYC & others on the Lake! Toga Party
Bring your boats, beer, and togas!! We are throwing an end of the summer toga boat tie up on the north end of Lake Sammamish. Let’s get as many boats together as we can and make this an epic party to end the 2015 summer!! Party starts at 5pm on Saturday September 19th. Bring your food and booze and plan on party on into the night!!

To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/events/775105985934192/

4th of July – TWO Live Band Raft-ups on the Lake!

One of the best events of summer, hosted by the community that founded LSYC is on again this year! Thank you to Jen and Scott Baisch! Our website background photo is a panorama from their 2013 concert.

Passing on their Invite to LSYC:
Join the 4th of July Raft up in Abernathy Cove from 4-8 PM. Jen and Scott Baisch will have a band playing from the top of their dock, you’re all invited to anchor off and raft-up. This is a water only event, no going ashore. Let’s hope this amazing weather holds!! Remember to bring bumpers, anchors, dock lines to raft up and BE SAFE!
Abernathy cove is a bit south of the point (bend) on the east side of the lake. You should see the boats and hear the music once you are in the area.

I see there is also another 4th of July Live Band boat in concert on the other side of the lake just south of the Sunken Forest from 5 – 9 PM passing on that info:

Hi neighbors, I’m Danna and I live on SE 42nd St. 4th of July is just around the corner and Craig and I want to let you know that we are having a DJ and live Band beginning at 5:00 pm on the 4th of July. Bring a beverage and a bite and pull your boats up to a buoy and tie up for a Flotilla! Music will go till about 9:00 or so. Just in time to motor on down to see the fireworks from the barge. “Free Rain” will be our band, and “KNZR” the Hot new DJ will show his many musical talents. This is a free concert, unless of course you want to tip the talent.☺️ Keep in mind that there is apparently a limit of 5 boats hooked together. If you have an anchor, that is also an option. In short, pass the word and we will see you on the 4th!

I’ll plan to start in Abernathy cove, our traditional 4th of July party harbor, then as that begins to wind down check out the new event as that goes later (till 9 PM and is closer to the fireworks). Have to figure out when we get dinner in there. Wow 2 bands same time, then fireworks, it’s like a free music festival.

I encouraged Dustin to drop by with the new Lakeside Fueling fuel barge. You can learn about the service, top off your tanks, and rock-out all at the same time.

Lakeside Fueling Is LIVE – Sign up to get your gas DELIVERED

Now we can play on the lake without hauling Gas!WP_20150626_001  Lakeside fueling will begin deliveries next week.  To receive gas you need to click the link in the message from Dustin below to do the full sign-up below (have your boat registration number and credit card not just the Beta sign up).  The price is currently $4.65/gallon but remember you get the fuel tax refund of 37.5 cents, plus 10 or 20 cents off if you buy more than 50 or 100 gallons.  So net it’s less than a buck more than you’d pay if you hauled your cans to the gas station.  And you no longer have to worry “do I have enough gas”?

I’d like to do a parade around the lake with the fuel barge for publicity.  We need to help Dustin get to a critical mass of deliveries so he can make the economics work and continue to offer this service for all of us.  Date TBD – a nice weekend afternoon.  Who would want to join me?  To draw people’s attention I’d love to get a long line of boats with good music, some party barges, the usual margaritas etc.
– Jim Mackey

Dustin Talley <lakesidefueling@gmail.com> wrote:

We are are happy to announce that we are opening up the official customer sign ups for Lakeside Fueling! Follow the Link Below to sign up:  https://lakesidefueling.azurewebsites.net
We are planning to start fueling on Monday, June 22nd and everyone that signs up will be scheduled for the week 6/22- 6/26. Your home page should show your estimated deliver date on Sunday, June 21st. We are not charging a minimum service fee as we get started, so don’t worry if your boat is full, we’d love to come by and top you off! We’ll let you know when this fee will be going into effect.
Our price will be posted on your account home page as well as the website, and it will be updated every morning. A couple notes about pricing: Our pricing model is based off other Marinas pricing in the area. Yarrow Bay is $4.71/gal today and Seattle Boat is $4.52/ gal. We will always try to stay comparable to the marina pricing. Also remember that we will be offering discounts based on your fuel consumption in a 4 week period starting from your first fueling. This discount will be credited to you account at the end of the period.
Signups are open to all of you who “pre-signed” until Friday, June 19th; at that time it will be open to the general public. So be sure to sign up soon and pass on the information to your friends and family so they can enjoy the service this summer as well!

Dustin Talley
Phone: (425) 829-0305 

Sound Rowers and Paddlers Lake Sammamish Race

Great Event! I’ll be there as a Safety Boat, and would love to get other LSYC boats to help out. We definitely need a couple boats to cover both the long and short courses, particularly since the rowers and paddlers get rather spread out from first to last.

  • The Sound Rowers and Paddlers Lake Sammamish Race is being held on Saturday, May 30 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM. Starting from Sunset Beach at Lake Sammamish State Park, the race circles the southern half of the lake (short course) or the entire lake (long course). Rowers and paddlers from all over the Northwest will be participating, and everyone who is an experienced paddler or rower is invited to enter!

    The race is set up so the long course racers start at 10 AM, and the short course racers start at 11 AM. This enables competitors from both races to complete at roughly the same time and creates greater action at the finish line.

    There will be snacks and drinks available before the race, and soups and chili and other tasty items available after the race. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers for each course, in each category. Results from previous races as well as photos can be found at the Sound Rowers web site.

    Distance: 6 miles short/13miles long
    Pre-race Meetings: 9:15 AM (long course), 10:15 AM (short course)
    Director : Michael Lampi
    Phone: 425.641.3941
    Web site: http://soundrowers.org

    In addition, if there are people who would be interested in volunteering as safety boat captains or crew, or assisting with the land portion of the event instead of racing or spectating, please contact me.

    Thank you!

  • Posted by Michael Lampi

Northwest Paddling Festival Sat. May 9th 9-5:00

Paddle on! Join us May 8-9 at Lake Sammamish State Park for the Northwest Paddling Festival! Tour, demo, and shop hundreds of kayaks, canoes, SUPs and paddling gear at the largest gathering of paddle sports enthusiasts, manufacturers and retailers in the Northwest! For more information visithttp://northwestpaddlingfestival.com/

This should be fun to watch: Northwest Paddling Festival Adds SUP Jousting, Kayak Polo and Swap Meet to May 8-9 Event.  http://www.nwyachting.com/2015/04/northwest-paddling-festival-adds-sup-jousting-kayak-polo-swap-meet-may-8-9-event/

I’m looking for 2-3 volunteers with powerboats to serve as Safety Boats for the race events. You get a nice volunteer T-shirt, $20 for gas, free demo of the kayaking & SUP equipment, the best view of the race, free admission, and a frozen margarita when the race is over. Please call me in advance if you can help out Saturday 10:00 – 1:30. (425) 449-0070 Forecast is for Sun and 79 F – can’t beat that.

Help Needed to Support Docks at Lake Sammamish State Park Funding in this year’s Budget

Help! Please take 2 minutes to call the WA Legislative hotline 1-800-562-6000 M-F 8AM-8PM to express your support for the State Park Docks. The House version of the State budget blocks funding for State Parks docks. The Governor included it in his budget recommendation, as did the Senate budget, but unless the House-Senate budget compromise negotiated in the next few weeks includes funding from the state, we will LOSE the $1M of matching funding from the Boating Facilities Grant which we won’t get back for at least 2 years if ever. Docks & Sunset Beach Site PlanThis is an illustration of the new docks proposed for the Lake Sammamish State Park, as well as improvement to the (smaller) beach, enhanced wetlands on the east and west ends of the current beach, new lawn, improved play areas & sand box. This will be a park you will want to visit – and can come by boat!   More info on the project here https://secure.rco.wa.gov/PRISM/search/ProjectSnapshot.aspx?ProjectNumber=14-1683

Having a dock at the state park, with the new concession (going in as part of the new bathhouse which should be open in May http://patanostudio.com/featured-project… ) will give us a destination on the lake and boat access to all the events at the State Park. Please, Please take 2 minutes to make the call to give boaters access to OUR state Park. You don’t even need to know your district or legislator just dial the hotline number tell them your address and they will connect you to your legislator’s office to register your views.
This issue so directly impacts all of us on the lake, it’s in the community interest to make this call to “improve our neighborhood”. It’s your state park and boating gas tax money, if not spent here, it will be spend elsewhere far from our homes, where we won’t get to enjoy it.
If you want to go beyond just a call and email your legislator (as I have) – contact addresses are herehttp://app.leg.wa.gov/memberemail/ and you can find your district / legislator here http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/ I know you are busy but please at least take 2 minutes to dial 1-800-562-6000, tell them your address, and leave the message with the receptionist “I support funding the Lake Sammamish State Park Docks” Timing is critical, please make the call now.

LSYC Opening Day/Cinco De Mayo BBQ

Kick-off the official start of the boating season on Lake Sammamish with our annual Cinco De Mayo themed BBQ on May 3rd at 2 PM at Sammamish Landing Park (North East Corner of the Lake). Get a chance to meet your neighbors and learn more about Lakeside Fueling and the Lake Sammamish Yacht Club. – It’s BYO everything. We plan to share the grill in the picnic shelter and put out a pot luck spread. We’ll come by boat and try to raft up off the docks, but the tie off options are limited so bring BIG bumpers, lines, anchors. We have been working with Sammamish Parks to try to improve boat docking, but no results so far (we need your support to make this a priority – maybe photos of many boats rafted up for this event will help). The east side trail may still be closed and vehicle parking is limited. This event is weather dependent – no one wants to boat and picnic in the rain.Sammamish Landing Opening (2)